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Default M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 RTC Boot Problem

On 07/26/10 04:50 pm, rfleet wrote:

My MB refuses to boot from the Samsung HDD attached to any SATA port
until the RTC is reset then it boots OK and works normally until the
next time it is shut down.
During BIOS set-up the HDD is correctly detected, and all I do is reset
the time/date this is the second MB with the same problem. what have I
got wrong.
The HDD booted the previous MB (ABit AN8 Ultra) OK.
I've set the SATA port as IDE and AHCI to no affect.
Nothing connected to the PC except mouse keyboard and monitor.
Any suggestion please before I bin the board.:

What BIOS version?

Did you install to this Samsung HD, or did you move this HD from another
machine? What OS?