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Default ATI Xpress 200 chipset & Nvidia graphics

"Larry Roberts" wrote in message
I noticed that the other S939 chipsets seemed to have issues
as well, except for ATI's Xpress 200. All the mainboards that use this
chipset have high review ratings. I notice the price is cheaper than
most Nvidia chipset boards, and have comparable features(Nvidia's
firewall doesn't even work from what I hear).

Well, nVidia's chipset is the only one with a "hardware-accelerated"
firewall. No other chipset has it. You can always turn the firewall off, as
with any other onboard device that you don't use. The only problem specific
to the nForce4 chipset is the RAID controller. You shouldn't see any other
problems if you stick with reputable brands like Asus, MSI or Gigabyte.

Gigabyte in particular has $90 NF4 SLI board. Price shouldn't be a driving
factor behind purchasing an Xpress 200 board. :-)

I'm thinking of getting the ATI Xpress 200 chipset, but the
reviews I seen never mention an Nvidia graphics card being used. Only
ATI cards. Are there any problems using Nvidia graphic cards with
ATI's chipset?

HardOCP used an NV40 on the Asus A8R:

Anandtech used a 7800GTX on both the Asus A8R and DFI RDX200:

There shouldn't be any compatibility issues, though of course you forgo any
possibility of adding another card in the future and running in SLI.

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