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Default ! Get FREE Sony VAIO, iPod, Xbox, PlayStation, or Cell Phone when you spend $40..!!

YES! It's true! They're offering you the best (FREE!)
deals you'll ever find. They've got FREE Cell Phones,
FREE iPods, FREE Gaming Consoles, FREE Sony Vaio
and more FREE GIFTS to come soon!
All items provided by them are brand new, boxed
and with full warranty. No contracts are required
and all items are ready to be used immediately.
They ship internationally!

What you should do is to follow this link,
registered and purchase 2-pack of Cell Phone
Signal Boosters for US$ 40. Then sit down and
relax while waiting for your FREE gift to arrive.

How does it work?
When you buy our product, 2-pack of Cell Phone
Signal Boosters, your name are entered into the waiting
list for a free gift of your choice (your chosen cell phone,
ipod, xbox, ps2, sony vaio etc). When the required
number of new members join, the person currently
at the top of the list will receive their chosen free gift.
The next person will follow the same rule.

Is this a MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?
This should not be confused as an MLM (Multi Level
Marketing) or pyramid scheme. This is a straight
line system. Who is in the first list will get the gift
first like the motto "First in First Out (FIFO)". So go
get them and be hurry. Don't let others one step
ahead of you.

You can monitor your position on the list everytime.
They also use PayPal as one of the payment method so
you can protect yourself and feel more assure that
members who joined the program are real and not scums.

Be hurry.... before the list get longer. The longer
the list the longer you have to wait !!!