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BF wrote:
Will the latest greatest drivers have any effect on an old Geforce2 MX card?
If not what are the best drivers for this card?


In your case, the performance enhancements in the 40.xx series and new
Forcware 50.xx could translate down, but it's unlikely.

A better reason to use either the 45.23's or 52.16 (official) is the
better image quality and stability (bug fixes in games, etc).

Your overall performance won't increase very much from say the 21.83
drivers (yikes!) with such a limited card, but you can still get better
image quality (I've tested it on my secondary right with a GF2MX).

I haven't tested yet to see if the mipmap filtering adjustments made in
52.16 have translated down to older cards like my GF3TI200 or your MX;
but for now I believe it's only been modified for "intellisample" cards
like the TI4600 and FX series.