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Doug Ramage
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Are you sure?

My non-E needs 256Mb sticks in slots 1 & 2 (= Channel 1) and 512Mb stick in
slot 3 (= Channel 2) for dual channel mode.

But the E version could be different?
Doug Ramage

"D R Tester" wrote in message
So long as the ram has similar specs i.e. can run at the same timings

not be a problem. Run your 2 sticks of 256MB in slots 1 & 3 and the 512MB

slot 2 - that way you'll run in dual channel....


"JL" wrote in message

Just a quick question: I have to PC3200 2.5 256mb TwinMos Stick in my
rig and want to expand to 1.GB

Is it good enough if I buy an extra 512Mb (so I have 2x256 + 1x512) or
do you recommend me to sell those 256 and get two 1MBs.

Also, is it crucial that all the sticks are the same brand-specs of if
I get another 2.5 with similar specs is good enough (not sure I'll be
able to find the same TwinMos)

Please let me know your opinion. TIA