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Wayne Youngman
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James A Taber wrote:

I am still able to get the 9500 PRO... what do you think should i buy
5600 ultra or 9500 pro... i am not sure anymore

Before i read the "buyers guide" at i was sure
that i was going to buy 9500 pro but after a read the guide i am not
sure any more... i hope someone could help me deciding...


The 9500Pro looks like a really good middle-end card and it is meant to have
a good overclocking potential, what price can you buy it for?. The 9700
vanilla (non pro) is a better card I think, it is identical to the 9500Pro
EXCEPT it has a 256-bit memory interface, compared to a 128-bit memory
interface on the 9500Pro. This gives it TWICE the potential memory
bandwidth and would make a difference if you intended to play high res or
with lots of AA and ansio. . . .

I'm gonna read that toms review now. . . .

Wayne ][