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Gregory Abbey wrote:
Have downloaded DX90c for use 44.03 drivers in FlightSim.. and it
appears to make a significant difference.. in what one poster coined
as managing `AutoGen mips'.. which is essentially the resolution of
each terrain cell [texture] and it transition into the adjacent cell.

With mips turned OFF.. I'm seeing a reduction in `shimmering'.. and
also.. a general increase in TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS is possible.
What are the specifics of DX90c and how can the scenery be optimised
to take best advantage of it..?


Without any mipmaps (pregenerated or otherwise), you're going to see
aliasing as the angle of the apparent terrain/horizon decreases. This
is the result of linear interpolation without any sub-textures (mipmaps).

I'm not too familiar with the development aspects of FSim, but hopefully
the game supports pregenerated mipmaps. These would normally be made as
a subset of the original texture at a decrease power of 2 resolution
(i.e. 256 - 128 - 64... onward).

Without mipmaps, the texture aliasing can be misinterpreted as added
detail or "sharpness", but it's not.

Also, unless a game is specifically written for that version of DirectX,
you'll only see any ancillary benefits (like code cleanup, better
texture management, new shaders, etc).