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Tony Low
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Hi there,
I believed you are talking about AGP Specification 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 and
not the AGP speed. As chuck has said, there shouldnt be any problems using
later AGP Specification Video Card on older AGP slot, as they are backwards
compatible. Check out this page :

P.S. Though, there is some reports of incompatiblilty using later AGP
Specification Video Card on older motherboard, but it is a matter of getting
the video card to work or not in the first place and not damaging it.

"Joel Konkle-Parker" wrote in message
I'm in desperate need of an AGP1x (or compatible) video card, and I
don't know where to start looking. A couple years ago I invertantly put
a 4x card in my 1x slot, and now it's dead. Does anyone know of any
1x-compatible cards out there, or of something that can help me find one?

- Joel