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Larry Roberts
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On 10 Aug 2004 17:54:20 -0700, (Dave Arbok)

Running WinXP, Nforce2 Motherboard (Shuttle AN35N400)

With this exact pc and my old Geforce 2MX, Vulpine GLMark runs fine
(but slow of course).
With the Ti4200, running the same gfx driver (Forceware 61.76), other
things like 3DMark03, and the other things I've tried are OK. But,
starting Vulpine GLMark, it says Glmark.exe needs to close, then the
details say the crash is in ModName unknown. This happens if Vulpine
is the first thing ran from a clean boot (following the suggestion in
the help file).

I believe I have the latest Vulpine 1.1p, but its hard to tell from
the file. The install file vglinstall.exe is dated 3/5/2001 and is

Anybody have a suggestion for this, or seen the same behavior?

Did you just swap out the GF2 MX for the GF4 Ti without
uninstalling the drivers first? Doing this usally causes problems.