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Default When will Nvidia release cheap NV4x graphic cards with on-die DSP for realtime hardware MPEG Encoding ?

I think Nvidia needs to deliver cheaper NV4x based models that don't require so much power and still
deliver the on-die DSP for realtime hardware MPEG Encoding.
I think it's a major selling point that Nvidia needs to deliver at cheap prices so that everyone can
add realtime hardware MPEG capturing to their systems without having to buy a Tv or capture card
with MPEG encoding.
Also it should be possible to access to the on-die DSP dedicated to video encoding/decoding under
Windows via both old VfW thru a wrapper and DirectShow interfaces so that even older applications
could access it properly.

It's a major selling point if Nvidia could deliver it at cheaper prices because the cheapest Tv
capture cards with hardware MPEG encoding are still over the $200 price range in many countries and
so having the hardware encoder directly on the graphic cards would ensure better sales and more
people upgrading.