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Default Getting a DirectX9 Card and using DX9 to play games will i even notice a difference ??

Ive just got a Geforce Ti 200, now i upgraded from a TNT 2 32 meg, and
a Celeron 433 to A Athlon Xp 2000.

Now that WAS A HUUUUUUUGE difference, i Smack myself in the head for a
few months

If i upgrade to a Radeon 9800 Dx9 Card, will i realy notice any real
difference in the quality of a game ???, i mean would it be realy
worth it.

As my Geforce 3 Ti 200 does me just fine, i can play any game i want
fast, just not Uber fast :0

I intend to upgrade but ill wait for a dual Opteron and a 64bit
operating system and a 4ghz CPu, and atleast 2 gig of DDR 2 ram (:

How long do you think that will take ?? hopefully it will cost under
1000 bucks YEAH RIGHT.

But thats the kind of upgrader i am NOW, i buy a decent system, rather
than plonking peices on it that don't fully take advantage of a

Ill wait and get all the peices that fully take advantage of a

Thats my 2.2 cents.