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Mandark Astronomenoth
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Thanks Kris! That solved the problem!


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Mandark Astronomenoth wrote:
Hello all,

Recently made the switch from nVidia to ATI, and bought an All In Wonder
9800 today (retail). I'm having an odd problem with Quake 3 engine

games now, and I was hoping someone may have had some experience with

it. I
always have autorun turned on in these games, but for some reasons after

AIW install, autorun is off (although it says it's on in the game

If I hit SHIFT (the autorun toggle button), I can run UNTIL I pressmore

one direction key at the same time. In other words, if I'm using my

keys for my forward. back, starfe left and strafe right, autorun stays

on as
long as I'm only pressing one of the keys. Of course this means any

time I
turn, I go back to walk, because I've pressed the forward and one of the
stafe keys as the same time.

This is happening in Quake 3, Elite Force and Elite Force II. Can

point me in the right direction for a solution?



Try turning off Numlock, there is a bug of this sort in Cat 3.5/3.6. The
other solution is to disable the ATi tray icon and leave Numlock on, or
go back to 3.4 or older drivers.