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Have a old Gigabyte board here that is version 1.1 of the BX2000 (not the
plus version). Reading the installation guides, it says that you can set
the dip switches up to 133 MHz and 9.5x multiplier and that equates to a
1.26 GHz Slot 1 Pentium. However, they say it will only take up to a 650

What was the fastest Slot 1 Pentium Intel made? And does the 133 MHz and
higher multipliers actually work on the board, or was it just there for
marketing purposes cause they never thought things could go that fast in


Any hints or suggestions to getting which version of the fastest Pentium

to run on this board? So far the fastest slot 1 CPU I've seen is a 1 GHz.

I had the plus board running 1.1GHz Celeron (FC-PGA or coppermine) on a
slocket adapter overclocked to 1364MHz (FSB 124MHz). And yes, the fastest
slot 1 P3s available were 1GHz but socket 370 chips were more easily
obtainable and worked perfectly on a slocket adapter.