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Boris Epstein
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Default a REAL web-based camera

Hi all,

We've just got a webcam from 4XEM ( ) which was
advertised as a web-camera (IP camera, whatever). There was only one
caveat - it only works in the Internet Explorer as it's got an ActiveX
control. So, essentially, this is not a web product, but rather a
Microsoft-oriented product.

Otherwise, the camera is good - 30 fps, nice color quality, etc. But
we don't want to be tied to the M$ platform just because of the camera
we are trying to use.

Hence the question: could anybody recommend a good reuly wab-based
camera (works on Linux, Mac, Windows in all the common browsers), 30
fps, ~1Mpixel, has a C-mount for microscopy. Those are main

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.