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Sounds to me your cpu is not unlocked anymore.
You have to unlock it again i think.
I pressume the cpu runs fine at its stock speed 133 fsb?

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On 5 Aug 2003 14:08:03 -0700, (Kevin R) wrote:

Okay ladies and gentlemen, this one has really got me stumped. My
bios froze on me one day and then I had to reset the CMOS to boot up
again. At that poin in time, my cpu clock speed was 146; it had
previously been at 170 for 11 months straight with a 80mm tornado fan
but I decided to underclock it and run it at 146 clock speed.
Temperature has never been a problem; My heatsink and airflow are
huge. Temperatures of my CPU have been around 50 degrees celcius with
both fans and clock speeds. The bios now freezes everytime I try to
up my cpu clock speed from 133 to 146 (146 makes my cpu an even 1800+
in quantum speed). The bios freezes after it shows the cpu and the
quantum speed but it shows the wrong quantum speed. It reads 1600+
but it should really be 1800+ because I changed the clock speed to
146. Also when it freezes, there is no ram count but it shows the
speed of PC2700 (146 CPU clock speed).

I might be mistaken, but shouldn't the display show the processor's ID
string, and therefore still display 1600+ ? I am not that familiar
with the way AMD handles that, though. (Yes, I am sorry, I am an
Is there anything you have done to your VCore, to the BIOS (as in
flashed a new one). What about your PCI bus speeds? If you have a
fixed divider for your PCI clock (one that only changes at the 100,
133, 166 intervalls), 146Mhz host-bus is actually worse than 170.

Just a few random thoughts...

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