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I am a little lost on using AA and the Anisotropic settings with my games.
I have BFG6800Ultra and a pretty fast rig for playing games.
Under my display properties I had been using the selection "application
What are "ideal" settings for games like FarCry, Doom3, etc (I know each
game is different and it varies by system)
I just need help understanding what AA setting I should use 2x, 4x, etc.

conjunction with Aniso. 1,2,4,6,8,12x...
Should I set everything to max and hope for the best (trial & error)?


Adjust to suit your taste! The higher the settings you use, the bigger the
performance hit.
Luckily, it is easy to use custom settings for individual games. Leave the
global defaults as they are, and just add custom profiles for any game you
want - perhaps you could try one out to see the effects.
(To add a profile, just click Add..., then browse to select the game
executable, type in the name you want to use.)
Anti-Aliasing gets rid of the jagged lines, most noticeable in low
resolutions. Anisotropic filtering improves image quality for scenes with
objects that extend from the foreground deep into the background.
To add more confusion, another choice to make (in advanced settings) is
wether to use anisotropic optimsations - these help performance when you do
anisotropic filtering.
I don't have as good a card as you, so I tend to stick with 2x for both FSAA
and AF, with AF optimizations enabled.