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Bronney Hui left a note on my windscreen which said:

Ok people,

Been reading up on the macrovision bits and I just don't understand, why the
*******s won't let me play a region 1 retail boxed bought with 34.99
Canadian Matrix 1, with a "bought" oem Hitachi GD-2500 DVDROM, a retail
boxed hercules gf3 ti200 that bundled powerdvd 3 with a legit cdkey.

I do not see how I was pirating by watching this combo. And yet, all the
5x.xx drivers I tried gives me the macrovision corrupted squary screens.
This is just wrong. I am using the 41.09 for now and it works fine.

My question is: who can I contact to file a complaint?? (yeah like it
matters :P)

Are you sure it's because of macrovision? I'm not an expert but from
what I have seen a macrovision 'currupted' screen will be more like an
image which changes the contrast and color balances of the image. Plus
the sound will keep dropping out.

As I said, I'm not an expert, but it sounds more to me like those 5x
drivers were more to blame. Changing drivers shouldn't affect any
macrovision protection.


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