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L.G. John J. Yeosock
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Default Req. Technical Info on the AWE 64 SB Audio card Model CT-4520

Hi all,

Can someone tell me details about the pin information on all the connectors
on the Sound Blaster AWE 64 ISA audio card model CT-4520.

Specialy these two connector:


I want the each pin assignment and layout,
like the pin no 1 is for .......
pin no 2 is for .........

If you have the complete manual of that specific audio card please tell me
what are the pins assignment.

I want to connect the front audio I/O connector of my new AOPEN QF50B PC
case. I need the pin assignment of those connector on my AWE 64 Sound
Blaster card

Send the info at that e-mail address:

Or post the reply with this posting.

Thanks in advance.

John J. Y.

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