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Chance are - It have to be your monitor.
It should not be too dark that you often need flashlight.


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Ok people here's the deal:

1. I play Doom 3 at my own house... with my crappy PC.... ( 5 or 6 or 7
year old not sure )

CPU: Pentium III 450 mhz
RAM: 256 MB
3D Card: (new) GeForce FX 5200
Monitor: Liyama Vision Master 400

2. I play Doom 3 at my parents house... with their (somewhat ) decent

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (2.16 GHz)
RAM Memory: 256 MB
3D Card: ATI Radeon 9000
Monitor: HP Pavilion mx70

1. First I play at my pc... everything is very dark. I can hardly see ****
and need to use the flashlight a lot... fps is also low but I dont care
about that.

2. Then I play at my parents pc... everything is very bright !... It's

times more beautifull than at my crappy pc.... because of the brightness !
there are still dark places... but not as dark as case 1.

Fortunately I have posted screenshots of the games progress on both pc's.

At pc 2, I looked at screenshots of pc 1. They looked bright and very
beautifull !
At pc 2, I looked at screenshots of pc 2. They looked bright and very
beautifull !

At pc 1, I looked at screenshots of pc 1. They looked dark, and half not
visible !
At pc 1, I looked at screenshots of pc 2. They looked dark, and half not
visible !

WHAT THE **** ?!?!?!?!?!

I saw two possibilities:

A. Nvidia cards display darker than ATI cards.

B. The Liyama Vision Master displays darker.

I have always had this problem with games: To dark on my PC.

I am pretty sure B is the case here...

My Liyama Vision Master 400 is just not good enough for displaying Doom 3

I wonder:

B1. The monitor is just old... full with dust and worn out stuff. ?

B2. The monitor always sucked ?

Well there isn't much I can do about it... the colors simply suck balls.

I have played around with increasing/decreasing brightness, gamma, 3d Card menu and monitor...

Whatever I do it sux balls... to much brightness is bad for the eyes -


less contrast - more difference between colors odd enough, but gray.
more contrast - everything gets dark, but white.


That's funny !

I have found the culprit !!!

It's the gamma level !

When I set gamma at 2.0 in Windows everything looks just as good as on
decent pc... maybe even better !!!!


And the good thing is:

Windows XP desktop still looks normal/good... everything that's white is
white... everything that s blue is blue !

Now I am really starting to wonder why this is ???


I can vaguely remember that I installed Adobe Color Managment once and

since that happened it ****ed up my gamma somehow ?


The gray volume icon in the taskbar does look a little vage now... but I

take it

When I played at decent pc (2) I could see the body of this dead zombie:

On crappy pc(1) I could only see the head (left).


People can use that screenshot to change their gamma level !

Doom 3 REALLY NEEDS something like that !

A gamma orientation screen... like splinter cell has....

Like some x-x-x-es some x bright, some x medium and some x dark !

I am also making a cool doom 3 the story in pictures website

I will 'release' it soon so stay tuned =D