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Why not use a game setting with higher gamma, and then a normal desktop
setting? With nvidia drivers you can set that easily. Right click on the
task bar icon and choose your color setting before launching doom3.

I have a "doom3" color setting, and then use "restore hardware defaults" for
my normal desktop. Set it up in the color correction page of the Nvidia
drivers -- save your higher gamma as "doom3" or whatever you want to call

"Robertjr" wrote in message
I was wondering the same thing. My systems specs are pretty good. My

isn't that old. Yet I need a friggin flashlight for most of the game so

This blows! I tried resetting the gamma level and it was too bright on my
: (
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Ok people here's the deal:

1. I play Doom 3 at my own house... with my crappy PC.... ( 5 or 6 or 7
year old not sure )

CPU: Pentium III 450 mhz
RAM: 256 MB
3D Card: (new) GeForce FX 5200
Monitor: Liyama Vision Master 400

2. I play Doom 3 at my parents house... with their (somewhat ) decent

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (2.16 GHz)
RAM Memory: 256 MB
3D Card: ATI Radeon 9000
Monitor: HP Pavilion mx70

1. First I play at my pc... everything is very dark. I can hardly see

and need to use the flashlight a lot... fps is also low but I dont care
about that.

2. Then I play at my parents pc... everything is very bright !... It's

times more beautifull than at my crappy pc.... because of the brightness

there are still dark places... but not as dark as case 1.

Fortunately I have posted screenshots of the games progress on both


At pc 2, I looked at screenshots of pc 1. They looked bright and very
beautifull !
At pc 2, I looked at screenshots of pc 2. They looked bright and very
beautifull !

At pc 1, I looked at screenshots of pc 1. They looked dark, and half

visible !
At pc 1, I looked at screenshots of pc 2. They looked dark, and half

visible !

WHAT THE **** ?!?!?!?!?!

I saw two possibilities:

A. Nvidia cards display darker than ATI cards.

B. The Liyama Vision Master displays darker.

I have always had this problem with games: To dark on my PC.

I am pretty sure B is the case here...

My Liyama Vision Master 400 is just not good enough for displaying Doom


I wonder:

B1. The monitor is just old... full with dust and worn out stuff. ?

B2. The monitor always sucked ?

Well there isn't much I can do about it... the colors simply suck balls.

I have played around with increasing/decreasing brightness, gamma, 3d Card menu and monitor...

Whatever I do it sux balls... to much brightness is bad for the eyes -


less contrast - more difference between colors odd enough, but gray.
more contrast - everything gets dark, but white.


That's funny !

I have found the culprit !!!

It's the gamma level !

When I set gamma at 2.0 in Windows everything looks just as good as on
decent pc... maybe even better !!!!


And the good thing is:

Windows XP desktop still looks normal/good... everything that's white is
white... everything that s blue is blue !

Now I am really starting to wonder why this is ???


I can vaguely remember that I installed Adobe Color Managment once and

since that happened it ****ed up my gamma somehow ?


The gray volume icon in the taskbar does look a little vage now... but I

take it

When I played at decent pc (2) I could see the body of this dead zombie:

On crappy pc(1) I could only see the head (left).


People can use that screenshot to change their gamma level !

Doom 3 REALLY NEEDS something like that !

A gamma orientation screen... like splinter cell has....

Like some x-x-x-es some x bright, some x medium and some x dark !

I am also making a cool doom 3 the story in pictures website

I will 'release' it soon so stay tuned =D