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Default EP45-UD3L: Support for 64-Bit Windows?

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
I'm reading Giga's specs, but can't find anything that specifically says

Currently running XP and now I need to "Upgrade" to accommodate the
latest rev of SageTV.

Quotes for obvious (?) reasons -)

1) Look up your CPU on .
There is a field there which says Ihtel64 (even though the official
name of the instruction set is AMD64). That tells you that
the CPU can execute 64-bit instructions natively.

2) The drivers should list the OS in question and whether
they cover both 32-bit and 64-bit. If the OS is modern
enough, some of the drivers will be "in-box". For things
like video cards, the video cards could be officially
"out of support". Check the driver CD that came in the
video card box, for hints. Check the video card maker
(Nvidia/AMD/Intel) site for drivers.

On my AMD HD6450, they issued one driver for my card
and support for it stopped after that. Microsoft doesn't
have that particular driver available through Windows Update.

Some of the Windows OSes have "Upgrade Advisor" programs, which
do a sniff test for necessary requirements. If your current OS
is old enough, sometimes those programs won't run either (it's
a dotNET version issue).