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kony wrote in

If you turned off all detail and ran the
game at 640x480x16bpp, it might run, but I couldn't even guess if it'd
be playable.

You're right, I forgot about the resolution.

I'm not trying to knock his system, it's just that sometimes it's
better to spend the time where it's useful, and in this case I believe
the time best spent on upgrading and/or replacing the system... even
if not to a modern high-performance PC, a slighlty newer (say 2 year
old) technology will be a lot faster and good bang for the buck.

You bet, that's the smartest solution, no doubt about it, but the problem
is he's only 11 and his parents already got two computers, one of them got
a better video card but he (the kid) can't use it, so he's left with the
old computer.

Anyway, thanks for your post and I'm going to suggest him to change the


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