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Default Video card memory too low

I've a friend who is trying to play a game that requires a 16 MB video
card but he only has 8. His video card is a sis 6326. Yes, we all know that
is an old card but he doesn't plan to upgrade his computer, he's just
looking to play that particular game (GTA 3).
I don't know if his video card is an onboard one.. if it is, I was going
to suggest him to try to change the frame's buffer size at the BIOS (or
something like that, I can't remember it well - I don't buy onboard mobos
Another way it would be to emulate a video card with a higher memory with
some of those virtual PCs programs like vmware, but that seems to
complicated to him.
So I ask you guys to give me some suggestions on how to try to run this
game on his video card.

Thanks in advance,


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