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Default Is GeForce 6800 (128 MB) enough for the latest and upcoming games?

You didn't say which motherboard you are using, but for longevity, if you
can swing it for those high end games I would recommend making the decision
I did and going for the next step up, which is the 6800 GT. It is clocked
faster and uses DDR3 RAM chips for the fastest memory around.


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I have a dilemma. Right now, I am using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (AIW; 128
MB). I have had for two
years. These days, the card cannot handle new games like Call of Duty 2,
City of Villains,
F.E.A.R, etc. This is with 1152x864/1024x768 resolution with most/all
graphic options enabled/at
maximum (no FSAA).

If I were to get a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (128 MB; AGP 8x), will my system be
able to handle this
graphic setup. I am not plannig to upgrade my CPU, motherboard (AGP only)
and RAM until next
year or later than that. I am hoping this 6800 model will last that long
before I have to
upgrade again.

You can see my primary/gaming sysstem specifications at: ... Thank you in
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