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Default Upgrading my PSU for a 6800GT

"Leodiensian" wrote in message

I have a generic 300W power supply. I want to buy a flashy graphics
card, so I'm going to need to upgrade it.

Do PSUs all come in the same size and shape? I know I need to pay
attention to the different number of connectors available, as well as
the specs of the PSU itself. Can all PSUs be used in all PCs? If you
know what I mean.

Hmmmm. How can I describe this?

If you look at your PC from the back there are two dimensions of the PSU
showing, say "width" and "height". These two dimensions are standard. i.e.
the hole to put the PSU in is always the same size and shape. The depth -
how far the PSU extrudes into your PC - however can vary.

Its not really a problem, but you do need to check that the PSU is not too
deep for your case.

I just bought yesterday a new OCZ Powerstream 520W PSU. Its quite the most
fabulous PSU I have ever owned an imho probably the best PSU available on
the planet today. If you feel like treating yourself, you could not
possibly go wrong with this unit. It has all the connections you could ever
want, its quiet, its future proof, its adjustable, its *massively* powerful
and the voltages are so solid its quite beyond belief. I tested the outputs
with a voltmeter and toggled "toast.exe" on and off. The voltages didn't
move. Quite unbelievable. Try that with an Antec, Enermax, Fortron -
whatever - and the voltage sags when Toast cuts in. How the OCZ manages to
be so stable under load is a complete mystery to me. But bloody marvellous
it is.