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John Lewis
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On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 04:45:47 GMT, "Luke Piasecki"

I'm not willing to spend 1.5 times for MSI or Asus just for the name. I'v
elooked into BFG but my supplier doens't have those.
What do you thing of Pine, EVGA or Albatron?
They are cheaper than Asus and MSI. But the question is are they any
different? Less reliable? Louder?

Thank you,

eVGA seems fine.

I have a eVGA 5900 128Meg ( nVidia reference design ). Quieter than my

CPU fan, which is quiet anyway ( Zalman CNPS7000A heatsink/fan).
Very pleased. Overclocks nicely to Ultra speed ( YMMV, of course).
The eVGA requires a double-slot width, which is OK by me, since
I avoid filling PCI slot 1 due to the interrupt-sharing limitation.
Helps with the cooling too. My GPU never goes above 65 degrees C,
overclocked and maximally applications-stretched.

John Lewis