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Jason Cothran
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"Sseaott" wrote in message
| I'm buying a new notebook in the next few days and I had a quick question.
| I know how to do a clean install of the OS but once that is done, I need
| install the drivers for the hardware in the notebook. I have heard there
| a specific order in which they should be installed in, and that the very
| first thing that should be installed are the chipset drivers??? Is this
| correct? My notebook will have a AMD Athlon 64 3400 processor in it, do
| AMD's have chipsets that need to be installed or is that only for Intel?
| If anyone can give me the exact order I would appreciate it.

The way I tend to do it is chipset, processor, video, sound, and then
everything else in no particular order. There is a driver for the Athlon 64
on AMD's site.