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Default Cannot Get ATI RADEON 9700 To Work in Compaq W8000 Workstation

Perhaps your power supply cant handle it.

"CHANGE USERNAME TO westes" wrote in message
I have a Compaq Professional Workstation W8000 with dual 2.4 GHz

and 2 GB of physical memory. I have been using the ATI RADEON 9500 in

system very successfully. I recently tried to upgrade to the RADEON

but on power on I get blinking characters on the screen, a kind of mosaic
color pattern that blinks on and off. No part of the BIOS boot up
sequence ever appears, although it is obvious that the computer is in fact
booting up successfully in the background. I can ping the host from
another computer after it finishes booting.

At first I thought I had a defective RADEON 9700 card. I returned it to
ATI, and they returned a new one, but included a note saying nothing was
wrong with the first one. I then put the new 9700 into the W8000 and I
get the same result: blinking mosaic on power on, that never goes away.
Nothing on the monitor is readable from BIOS or the Windows 2000 boot up.
As soon as I go back to the 9500, the BIOS messages are readable and

2000 boots fine.

What are possible causes of this problem? It looks like the Compaq W8000
may have some motherboard or BIOS level incompatibility with the RADEON
9700. Has any other W8000 user experienced this? Is there a

westes AT