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Thanks, I'm probably going to scrap the idea, as I found out
today the 810E is limited to 100MHz SDRAM speed. My
older BX system will be faster even with a slightly slower


"HH" wrote in message . ..
No Tualatin PIII or Celerons without some form of adapter. That means a
1.1GHz Celeron (FCPGA not a FCPGA2) or a 1 GHz PIII (FCPGA not a FCPGA2).

"Rick" wrote in message
Oh and before anyone asks.. yes I have called HPQ support,
they weren't sure about any of these questions.

"Rick" wrote in message

Anyone tried to upgrade one of these puppies to 133MHz
CPU and memory? Will it work?

The system has an Intel 810E chipset and jumpers to select
between 66/100/133 CPU Frequency, but no jumper posts
are installed in those locations. Does that mean the system
will (or should) autodetect 133MHz FSB?

The fastest CPU upgrade offered by HPQ is an 800MHz P3.
Will it take anything faster (e.g. a 1.4-S P3)?

Also, does anyone know what the max multiplier is in the
last system bios for this board? I know the multiplier is
locked on the chip, but I'd prefer to get an accurate display
during POST.