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Willie Hertza
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Default Graphics Question

This is typical of the situation where the monitor is not being detected by
plug-n-play. Go to start, control panel, display
properties, advanced, monitor and see if you can change the monitor to the
one attached. May have to look in SoftPaqs
for monitor update patch. If brave or knowledgeable, can select a monitor
with properties similar to one attached from
the selections if can't find right one.

I assume you tried to change the color depth after adding memory - may have
just defaulted to the safe mode.

MAY BE that installed memory is not recognized, in which case there is not
enough to support more color
depth. If the right monitor is recognized but can't increase colors, it's a
memory problem.



"Tom Scales" wrote in message
.. .
It's the card drivers. Gotta be. Find the right Softpaq and download it
and reinstall. Should fix it right up.

"Miss Jo Anne CD" wrote in message
Can a graphics card just partly go bad?..Perhaps you read my last

the colors on my monitor going back to 16 colors after I added memory in

Compaq 5000...Since it`s working at all should I assume the graphics

still ok?...Maybe remove the card and re-install it and reload the

tried reloading a driver for the computer but would there be a driver

card also?..Thank you