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Appreciate your response.
I installed everything correctly in the order specified.
Have 5 computers so am experienced with issues.

For recording, I see you have to click the top left button
before the camera icon will become accessible.
So that works...

AFAIK, i have the latest version 9.03,but
fail to see the skin option.
I do hate this skin !!!!

If you have the ATI MMC Launch Pad installed and operational (it's the
task bar that resides on one side of the screen showing all the MMC
elements such as TV, DVD, Player, etc) click on the icon with the
check mark. That should launch the ATI MMC Configuration which has a
tab for changing the skins.

I'm thinking the reason you have problems after 5-minutes of watching
TV may be somehow related to how the Remote Wonder has been
configured. I found the remote and the instructions confusing and
difficult to understand but just kept working with it and finally got
it to change channels without automatically launching EazyLook, which
was driving me crazy. You'll find the configuration for EazyLook in
the same MMC Configuration described above.