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Appreciate your response.
I installed everything correctly in the order specified.
Have 5 computers so am experienced with issues.

For recording, I see you have to click the top left button
before the camera icon will become accessible.
So that works...

AFAIK, i have the latest version 9.03,but
fail to see the skin option.
I do hate this skin !!!!

I will check the other thread


On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 09:28:26 -0000, "Paul Murphy"

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.. .
I have a 9800 pro AIW

I have just set up the tv card and discovered the following

- one I installed the remote control software, the sound would stop
working after 5 mins or so of watching tv. Works after reboot only to
fail again

- weird mouse problems - having to click several times to get windows
to close, programs to launch etc.

I don't really care for the remote anyway, but can't seem to figure
out how to change channels with the spacey looking control for the tv.
This is a scary sign. I don't like the volume control either.
Basically the ati tv control applet looks like crap and performs like

I'm wondering if there is alternative software which works with the
AIW line for TV viewing ? PVR is cool but not a total necessity. I
would like to record stuff easily, another thing I could not
accomplish with the control applet for the tv. I can't believe how bad
it is...No instant record button ????

If someone could advise me so I don't have to spend hours installing,
testing, unistalling etc etc, trying to find a stable, slick and
intuitive software package for tv viewing and recording with the AIW.

ps. are there any packages that allow for recording in divx ?

thanks for reading


If you really must change the application away from ATIs MMC, have a read of
the thread started on 7 Feb 05 by Ciao Bella and titled "Fed up with MMC".
Be aware though that most users (myself included) experience no such issues
with the current versions of MMC. I have 3 AIW products, the newest of which
is an 8500DV and they're all using ATIs MMC with only a few, very minor,
bugs noted - certainly nothing like you've posted. I agree that the
"modular" installation process is unduly difficult for many users. All I can
suggest is following the installation procedure (on ATIs website) to the
letter and in the correct order on a machine that's just had a fresh
installation of the OS and chipset/other drivers etc - i.e. MMC is the first
software installed after all the drivers and MMC prerequisites. If the
machine only has a Restore CD, then after a fully restored to factory state
setup has occurred (making sure any data is backed up to removable media
first before doing the Restore). Testing MMC at this stage will likely
confirm that the issue would be associated with conflicts with other
software or a corrupted OS installation (or MMC installation) originally.
MMC doesn't like being upgraded upon itself so if you've tried installing a
newer version while an older version is still present, I'd suggest
uninstalling both (if you can) and then installing the newest version only.

MMC *does* have an "instant record" button on the TV Application - it's the
3rd button from the left on the blue part and the picture on it looks like a
movie camera. Additionally, on current versions of MMC, if you don't like
the look of the "skin" on MMC, this is easily selectable to a different look
using the Configuration option and "skin" tab. I personally think that the
"modern" skin is great but then its different strokes for different folks.