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"Brian" wrote in

I used an ati pci tuner card a few years back for a long time and was
very pleased with it. Now I live off a notebook in school and bought the
usb tv tuner to watch TV on the notebook (a dell - 8months old) for the
extreme boredoms.

Everything installed alright, drivers, software, no problems. The
problem is the ati tv tuner software. If I load the tv program I get the

The TV player failed to initialize the video. Ensure the correct video
drivers have been installed and close any applications which may be
playing video such as DVD or WebTV before attempting to restart TV.

I searched literally hundreds of google and google group pages with no
luck to fix the software. Total uninstall, removed *all* remains of ati
files, reinstalled directx, video drivers, used the cd software and
latest from the ati website, none work. No other video capturing or
remote sharing programs being used.

I know it is the software because I loaded virtualdub and within vdub I
could see the video of a channel. So I know the tuner works and it sends
the video to my notebook, but the ati software is bunk. How can I fix
the ati software? Any help would be greatly appreciated, else next week
this thing is going back and I will swear off ATI for the rest of my
computing days.

thanks to all

I guess you speak about MMC ...well MMC version 9 is already out..have you
updated it?