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Rick F
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Default What linux distributions are you using?

On Feb 17, 9:29*am, Rick F wrote:
I'm currently running Fedora 6 (FC6) and it works fine but I'll be
moving to something a bit newer within the next
week or two and thought I'd ask what else is out there that can
support the Proliants out of the box like Fedora
can -- specifically handling the RAID filesystems properly. *I suspect
the RHEL would but I can't afford to fork out
that sort of big $$ for it.

Are there other Linux distributions that work out of the box?

Ok.. Just to pop in here again.. In doing further research, I think
I've decided to try out FreeBSD 7.x out.. Many people believe it has
much better security and fewer exploits than the Linux derivatives
It also appears to offer some interesting speed bumps over the
typical 2.6 Linux kernel for TCP/IP use.. (among others).

From reviewing their docs for it, it should work with the SA5300 and
array adapters as well using the cciss kernel driver.