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Rick F
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Default What linux distributions are you using?

I'm currently running Fedora 6 (FC6) and it works fine but I'll be
moving to something a bit newer within the next
week or two and thought I'd ask what else is out there that can
support the Proliants out of the box like Fedora
can -- specifically handling the RAID filesystems properly. I suspect
the RHEL would but I can't afford to fork out
that sort of big $$ for it.

Are there other Linux distributions that work out of the box?

In my case I'm using a Proliant 6400r - quad Xeon 500Mhz

Phil -- I gather you're still around occasionally? I can almost hear
the crickets around here.. I am waiting to
take delivery of my 2nd storageworks enclosure I just nabbed off ebay
for $25.. Hopefully this one will make it
over here without being destroyed by UPS like the last one was (and
turned into parts afterwards)

-- Rick