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Default Proliant DL380 G3 random reboots

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. ..

"just bob" [email protected] wrote in message
Running Windows Server 2003 SP2 we cannot figure our why a Compaq DL380
G3 server is randomly rebooting and I would like some advice on
diagnostics and

You didn't describe your setup so there are / can be lots of variables.

Also consider the simple things,

1-Possible intermittent AC line power to the server.

2-A UPS with bad batteries and the AC-line power flickers and you could
get a reboot.

Just a thought ..

Not sure what more I could have told you about the setup. I gave you the
model, OS, drive layout and RAM. It has two CPU's. No third party software
or hardware, save the OS and Exchange 2003 and anti-virus. When the server
reboots there is nothing relevant in the event logs, before or after the

Our UPS system if fully monitored and we get alerts for everything. owing
up. And we have redundant power supplies on in the servers and the HP
alerts are working for those too. If we pull one out, or disconnect the
power cable(s), we immediately get alerts.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Have you tried reseating all the internal plugs and boards inside the
server. Same with the ram, pull it out and reinsert it a few times. Since
the problems started with changing ram, something could have happened in
that process. These type problems can be a "bitch" to locate but the cure is
usually very simple.