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Default Proliant DL380 G3 random reboots

Running Windows Server 2003 SP2 we cannot figure our why a Compaq DL380 G3
server is randomly rebooting and I would like some advice on diagnostics and
troubleshooting before I call Compaq.

This was our exchange 2003 server and we are now moving all services off
this unit so we can do extended testing.

The Windows event log gives no clues to the reboots and it's happened 20
times in the last week so we've got lots of data yet nothing which says
points to anything specific. NO errors occur before the reboot in any of the
windows event logs or in the HP event viewer logs.

The only change is we bought some non-HP RAM about three weeks before the
trouble started, but then we switched back to the HP RAM and the trouble

Needless to say we cannot recreate the error. We have Compaq 24x7x4 support
so we could have the thing replaced if we can only recreate the problem.

All we have discovered so far is the CD-ROM drive is not working, as it will
not eject via the operating system or the eject button on the drive itself
(we had to open it with a paper clip using the release slot). And it will
not read a CD-ROM. Although the light does flash when you press the eject
button. At least this is repeatable, but I fear this is not the cause.

We have six 72GB SCSI drives, four are in a RAID 5+1 and two are in a RAID

If you have any suggestion please let me know.