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Default Trying to find F8 BX2000 BIOS

Thomas Lake wrote:
I mistakenly flashed F9 into both the backup and main Dual BIOS chips. My system crashes with BIOS errors frequently. I'd like to put an older version of the BIOS in both places but I can't find an older BIOS to flash. I checked the Wayback Machine for old Gigabyte archived sites but no luck. Does anyone know where I can get BIOS F8 (or any older BIOS version) for the BX2000?


Tom L

Like you, I couldn't seem to make any headway with

This is as close as I could get, sweeping the net.

The file inside there is 256KB and is BX2000P.F8


Have you tried writing to Gigabyte Support, and see
if they can dig up the older one there ? They'll probably
give you some story about "out of support" etc.

The other thing you could look for, is if Gigabyte has
an official forum, and try there for a pointer.

I don't like taking "untraceable" files from the Internet
like the one above. As it's really a crapshoot as to
what is in there. With a hex editor, you could do some
comparisons to your F9 file and see if they're structurally
similar. My favorite hex editor today is HxD.


When loading the F9 BIOS, did you try "load setup defaults" ?
The internal CMOS storage can change from one BIOS revision
to the next, and starting with a fresh clean CMOS RAM content
sometimes helps.