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Default GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 USB 3.0 port will not open USB 2.0 storage devices

Paul wrote:
Bob F wrote:
Bob F wrote:
Paul wrote:
Bob F wrote:

This seems to be replacement firmware for the etron chip. Have you
actually installed this? I get a little nervous about replacing
such firmware. Would it then work with the 2013 driver from
gigabyte's site?
I don't have an EJ168 chip here, and have no first hand experience
with it.
At second inspection, this firmware seems to be for the Ej188 rather
than the Ej168A which is on my board. I assume that won't work for
me. I haven't found any discussion to suggest otherwise.

I did find a .119 driver on that same site. I currently have .118.
I'll give that a try.

No change with .119 driver

They do seem to use the same file for multiple chips.
I can see both chip codes in the same INF file.

%Etron_XHCI.DeviceDesc%=EtronXHCI,PCI\VEN_1B6F&DEV _7023&CC_0C0330 ;
Etron xHC EJ168
%Etron_XHCI.DeviceDesc%=EtronXHCI,PCI\VEN_1B6F&DEV _7052&CC_0C0330 ;
Etron xHC EJ188, EJ198
So far, I haven't found any "interesting" drivers.


The StationDrivers "firmware" was interesting.

What I found in there, was a "flasher" program. But the
actual binary file was [drum roll]...

ej188_500.bin 288 bytes (likely I2C)

So what that is, is a config space EEPROM. It
changes the "branding" of the card it is on.
Since the user manual is "silverstone" brand,
this implies it changes the chip information
to match silverstone for some reason.

That's not a program for a processor or anything,
but what it would do is replace the config space
info used during PCI Express enumeration. Which doesn't
make the USB3 functions work any better.


If you check the reviews here, it's "more of the same".
I haven't been able to find an overjoyed customer yet
(i.e. a credible report of complete success).

Unfortunately, My potential use for this motherboard would quickly exhaust the
available card slots. I picked the board up at the thrift shop for $13. I guess
I now know why it was abandoned. I'll probably keep my eyes open for a more
appropriate used board for my HTPC.

I really do appreciate your help on this. It's really handy having you around.