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Default Gigabyte SIV (App Center program)

Bill wrote:

I trust your computer is running like top!


Current machines are well behaved.

And my fans on this machine are fixed speed,
so nothing can go wrong. In fact, I've hacked
the video card fan, so it can't change either.
I tested the video card fan, pushed the video
flat out, and measured the video card fan speed.
Then, disconnected the video card plug from the
video card. And fed the fan from a separate
power source. The power source is adjusted to
the same level the video card needs when it is
flat out. That happens to be around 30% fan

You might ask, why would you unhook a perfectly
good cooling solution ? Well, when I'd run this
setup with Linux, the video card fan would
spin at 100%. And it really makes a lot of noise
(like a vacuum cleaner). And, it wouldn't stop
doing that. So I "fixed" the machine, so the
"Windows noise level" is the same as the
"Linux noise level". I can do stuff like this,
because the video card is pretty gutless.
It's not a $200 gamer card or anything.
The video card is carefully adjusting the fan
speed right now, while I'm typing, but it's
not actually driving the fan :-)