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Default Gigabyte SIV (App Center program)

Bill wrote:
Paul wrote:

I don't think you'll have trouble finding the settings,
as there is a "Configure" button, a "Speeds" tab, and
an "Advanced" tab.

The Speeds one, allows setting Min and Max fan speed.
The "Automatically Variated" enables fan speed control
as near as I can tell.

When I click Speeds, with or without "Automatic Fan Speed", I don't
see anything in the panel. My CPU_FAN should run at 1850 all the time
(which it is doing).
And my CPU_OPT should control my radiator fans--which as you recalled,
I would like to set to about 1000 RPM min. And it would be nice if the fan
sped up when the CPU runs hot. Now that I'm registered, maybe Mr.
Comparetti will try to assist me?


The "Advanced" is the hard part. For my chip, it lists
several of the trade names for fan speed control methods,
but the actual chip will only have one of those. So I
don't know what to do with that one. But at least the
"Speeds" one, you can try setting the minimum speed,
tick the box, and see what happens.

I'll have to go back and use Linux "sensors-detect", to
see if the chip identification agrees with Speedfan.
Speedfan sees two SuperI/O chips for some reason.

And it's hard for me to verify Speedfan on this system,
as there are no PWM fans installed in the case. My
newer system has at least one PWM fan (which was
running too slow, the first time I fired up the
computer). I'd have to do my testing over there.


OK, using lmsensors in Linux and the sensors-detect
program, I can verify my SuperIO is 83627DHG.

Around PDF page 62, you can see some of the control options.

So my chip does have multiple named speed control methods.
To get a slope-based method, I select "SmartFan III". And
set the PWM1 Type to PWM output instead of DC output. I doubt
any of my stuff should be set to DC output, because that
kind of thing stopped years ago. It's "PWM" or nothing, now.

It doesn't appear you can set the registers in SmartFan III.
Just enable it. Maybe the setting of the target temperature
in the temperature section, has something to do with the
setup ?


Do your other Speedfan panels show that a chip was
detected ? Does the main log show that ? If so,
then the speeds should show up. Maybe if there is
other software controlling things, it doesn't
show up ? Or, you'd disabled it somehow.