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Default GA-78LMT-USB3 no BOOT USB

Il giorno marted́ 14 ottobre 2014 17:02:39 UTC+2, Paul ha scritto:

Hi, I have a motherboard GA-78LMT-USB3 Rev 5.0 in which I noticed that the boot via USB storage is hassle-wrapped and wrapped by errors or does not work, since the USB ports are working perfectly, I guess it's a problem that concerns BIOS, no way to report it and hope it is fixed with an update?

Thank you so much for your attention.

On motherboards where the USB3 ports are supported by

an external chip, there is no guarantee that USB3 booting

is supported. This is consistent with how USB has worked

in the past.

I was lucky, on the recent motherboard I bought, that

the separate USB3 chip supports booting. The BIOS is UEFI,

which means it is a modern BIOS. A legacy BIOS makes it

less likely.

The only hardware with a reasonable chance of supporting

boot, is any hardware connected directly to the Southbridge.

They write good code for the Southbridge (your chip is SB710).

The USB2 ports and the SATA ports on the SB710 should

support boot.

Chips added outside the Southbridge, such as a VIA USB3 chip,

don't necessarily have Extended Int 0x13 support. It can be

added, but many chip companies do not have the skills to

add that code. Companies like AMI, Award, Phoenix (BIOS companies),

know how to write that code. Companies like VIA or NEC (some of the

USB3 chip makers), less so. Writing the code is complicated

by the need to support "emulation", so that the boot code

can support USB ZIP drives and USB floppy drives. It's not

easy to write a comprehensive boot support. Companies like AMI

and friends, they have done this before, so they know now

to do it, and test that it works.

Do not expect this capability to be added via a BIOS update.

Gigabyte is not wasting any development effort on a motherboard

originating in the year 2012. Development is finished. The

staff and engineers worry about the 2015 motherboards now.


I know that USB3 ports do not work for the boot, but the problem occurs on the USB2 ports, so I reported the problem I guess is a bug in the BIOS.
Be very annoying having to insert and remove each time to try to make them work.