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"David" Dave wrote in :

I have a Presario that can't maintain an internet connection. I've
contacted my ISP and they ran me through a number of tests, but the
problem still exists. At one time I had a virus, so thinking that
could have infected something I even reformatted the HD. Still no
luck. I upgraded the driver for the HSP56 modem and still can't
maintain a connection. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Any
suggestions? Should I go as far as to go buy a new modem? If I do
that, what should I look for/look out for as far as

FYI, my ISP person told me that the HSP56 is generally put into "lower
end machines like E-Machines and is often error prone." As anyone
else heard this? Thanks.

The HSP56 is a cheapo Winmodem that is installed to save costs. It requires
software to replace the hardware parts of the modem that are not there.
Your ISP person is probably correct.

Deep six it. Make sure that the new one you buy is a complete modem and not
a Winmodem.