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Default Unreal Tournament 2003 & ATI Settings

I'm experimenting with my ATI Radeon 9500 Pro AA and AF settings to see what
the best graphics quality and performance settings are for me. Can someone
help me with suggested settings (without overclocking) in the ATI control
panel to improve performance without sacrificing quality. I'm playing UT2003
at 1024x768x16.

I read all the test articles about what brand graphics card is faster than
the other using AA and AF settings. I know that UT2003 is a DirectX 8 game
and UT2004 uses DirectX 9.

What I want to know is with UT2003 how can I tell if AA/AF settings is
faster than non-AA/AF settings? Until UT2004 comes out and my ATI card can
use DirectX 9 with the game I don't know if using AA/AF now with UT2003 will
lower my framerate or not compare to using standard non-AA/AF settings.

I mean is using standard Direct3D graphic card settings (in a non-DirectX 9
game) always going to be faster than using the same resolution under AA/AF

Can someone explain the benchmark log file results and how to interpret
them? I tried normal vs. different AA/AF settings and the benchmark results
are always the same? I must be running the tests wrong...