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On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 02:02:34 +0200, "Radu Midrigan 113503663"

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Go into the "nView display mode" menu on your Geforce FX 5200 display

Right click the display that corresponds to the TV, choose "Device
Adjustments", then just keep pressing the left hand button in the blue
adjustment window, until it reaches the size you want. Apply and ok,


I did: Display Properties-Settings-Advanced- nView-Device
Settings-Screen Adjustments.

The only thing you can do there is to move that image on your TV screen: up,
down left, right but this have nothing to do with full TV screen which I can
never achieve. The TV screen will never be full: there are blank space at
all sides. If anyone knows how to fix this pls tell me. I would be very
dissapointed if I find out that this is all I can get from Geforce
video-card - blank spaces at all sides of TV-screen

Try TV tool