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Default Probelms with SLI and DirectX

1. After enabling SLI, are you rebooting before launching a game? In the old
days this was necessary.

2. Is this a new system build? Make sure SLI is enabled in BIOS (if there is
such a setting) or for an older board, the switch card is in the correct

3. Use only one SLI bridge, even though each card has two connectors. See:

4. Try installing the latest DX9.0c release (Nov. 2008).

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"Kai Reichert" wrote in message
Hi all
I am having problems getting any directX game to start with SLI enabled.
I do have two Nvidia 8800 GTX SLI boards on Windows XP SP3. When I disable
SLI everything works fine (of course without SLI), when SLI is enabled
dxdiag and every DirectX game claims that directX is not available.
I installed the very latest Nvidia drivers as well but no change.
Any clues ?

Kai Reichert