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Default Radeon x600 vs Quadro NVS280

* Tomasz M. Sadowski:

I've just upgraded to a new motherboard, which means that I have to
trash my old AGP video card and get myself a PCI Express (sigh). The
system is mostly for business use (programming, 2D graphics in
Illustrator and Photoshop), so it doesn't really call for lots of
graphics horsepower. What I do need is dual DVI support and passive
cooling (the less watts consumed, the better).
I'm now looking into an nVidia Quadro NVS280 (64MB, brand unknown) or
an ATI Radeon x600 (supposedly 256MB, Dell branded). Both are priced
Which one would you recommend?

The Quadro NVS is a pure 2D card and offers very basic 3D functionality.
It also doesn't support Aero Glass under Vista. More than sufficient for
what you want to do, though.

The Radeon X600 has much better 3D performance and supports Aero Glass
but is way oversized for what you want to do. Why no X300 or X1300?
Cheaper, draws less power (which means less heat), good basic 3D
performance (better than the Quadro NVS) and support for Aero Glass.