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John Lewis
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Default AMD-ATI R600 set to unleash bandwidth HELL-destruction against Nvidia's 8800 ~ Dave Orton hints at 512-bit bus

On 15 Dec 2006 01:45:55 -0800, "AirRaid Mach 2.5"

Dave Orton promises R600 to take no prisoners and feature "new levels"
of bandwidth

How much more techno-dweeb BS are you going to continue to propagate
on these newsgroups? We know that you are an ATi marketing mouthpiece.
Why not just shut up until cards with the R600 are released, the
technically-expert reviews are made comparing the 8800 variants with
the R600 variants and then let us judge for ourselves? I recommend
Anandtech for reviews with in-depth technical detail and accuracy and
no vendor biases. For me, I have zero intention of purchasing any
DX10-capable cards until Vista is stable, the drivers are stable and
the combination is as efficient and bug-free as Win XP in running both
current and legacy games. Which puts my purchasing decision around
Fall 2007; by which time the R600 will be readily available
(hopefully...knowing ATi delivery realities vs promises) and the
8800-series with be in their second-generation on a smaller process,
most likely 65nm. I suggest that those itching to have the latest and
greatest video hardware take something for the itch and hold off as
long as me and certainly for a month or two after Vista is retail
released; better for both the (frustration) ulcers and the wallet.

John Lewis