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Tom Dauphin
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There are some newer motherboards out now that will support AGP and PCIx.
Seems to me Anandtech or Tomshardware reviewed one or two. At least that way
your friend could still use his older video card until he wanted to upgrade
to the PCIx form factor. Not sure if these boards do SLI though...

"Matt" wrote in message
I am assuming that you can only run 2 cards SLI with PCI Express...
correct? I'm building a computer for a friend of a friend that has already
has a 6800GT AGP card. He's not going to like having to get a new video
card if that's the case...

Also would an Antec TruePower 2.0 TP-II 430 480W Power Supply be enough to
power the system with 2 6800GT's (providing he can get two new cards), 1
WD 74gig Raptor, Asus A8nSLI Deluxe, & a DVD-Rom drive? Or shoud I step up
to a 480 (or possibly higher).