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de Moni
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de Moni wrote:
My PC may lock-up completely at any moment, screen just freezes and all
I can do is push the reset button. Before this kind of behaviour I
installed new 1GB TwinMOS DDR400 CL3 memory module and Palit GF6600GT
AGP. I ran Memtest86 couple of times and it didn't find any errors.
Also tried using only old 100% working memory modules and still locked
up. So the reason seems to be the 6600GT.

Seems like no one here is wiser than me :-)
But the more I investigate this the more this starts to feel like the
"all famous" infinite loop-bug (which I wasn't aware of:-) which is
usually caused by some kinda conflict between VIA-chipset and
NVidia-drivers. Before I switched DEP (Data Execution Prevention) off,
XP made entries like this to Event Log when it locked-up and rebooted:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000ea
(0x89ff1328, 0x8991f1c0, 0x895b1cd8, 0x00000001). A dump was saved in:

After I switched DEP off XP just locks-up as usually but doesn't reboot
itself or do these error reports. If there are no other fixes for this
than some VIA beta patch from -02 (which doesn't necessary help) then I
suppose there's nothing else to do to solve this than change the
mobo/video card to other chipsed/gpu brand... :-/ I can't believe this
kind of bug has been unfixed for 3 years now, apparently it's just not
common enough.